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02 October 2005 @ 11:43 am
MyDec1110 should be up tomorrow -- it's pretty much ready to go right now but I need to stalk a few more Usual Suspects and get their opinions before I chuck it up.

(Also, apparently my idiot dog got an infected cut somehow so I'll probably be up in Springfield fetching him tonight, so no time!)

Also, I am .... how to say .... HITTING MY HEAD REPEATEDLY AGAINST A WALL over a couple of reviews on ffnet that seem to think I need to have a hawt boy on boy makeout scene before the end of myDec. While I agree, in theory, that hawt boisecks makes everything better, it's just not going to happen. There is no TIME in the plot for them to stop and make like rabid bunnies, and there was no WAY for them to do it earlier because -- wow, I always wanted to make out with someone whose alternate personality both is triggered by arousal and WANTS TO EAT MY SPLEEN. Mmm, sexy.

There probably WILL be something of that variety in Don't Panic. Remember that MyDec is only about half of the entire storyline. If I continued it past Dark and Krad leaving the ending would be really, um, lame. So I split the story in half by the logical climaxes in the action.

To review:
My December = Krad and Dark's Departure
Don't Panic = Satoshi and Daisuke Get Together
Side Stories (Solace for Pain, Sandcastles, unwritten ones about the time gap) = Character development, Kosuke's Retarded Researching Adventures.

Clear? Good.

I love you chilluns! It's just that ffnet drives me crazy sometimes.

Finally, the complete list of songs for myDec (no links, sorry; they should be fairly easy to find on filesharing programs or iTunes or similar), with their artists and albums when I know them:

Story Title: My December (Linkin Park)
01 : Day By Day (badmarsh and shri, CSI OST)
02 : sweet (Chara - Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack) (or the one by Lamb, or the Edwards Extended Vocal Remix by Bonnie Pink -- all three work equally well)
Interlude 01 : A World Without Mirrors (a line from Milk, Chara)
03 : What Is This Feeling? (Wicked Original Cast Recording)
04 : The Impression That I Get (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
05 : Another Perfect Day (American Hi-Fi)
06: As The Rush Comes (Motorcycle)
Interlude 02 : Vicious Streak (New Order)
07: Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet? (Relient K)
08: Between The Bars (Elliot Smith, Good Will Hunting OST)
09: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Audio Bullies featuring Nancy Sinatra)
10: Let Go (Frou Frou, Garden State OST)
11: Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

(incidentally, the 'end theme' for the chapters is Love Is Message by w-inds. Obviously the OP is My December.)
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while (morale < improvement) { beatings(); }lazulisong on October 2nd, 2005 07:24 pm (UTC)
TEN, I meant TEN. >_> Eleven's the one I'm typing up right now, so it's kind of on my mind. That and the stinking icon for Don't Panic.

People always want more porn with their stories. And when you give it to them, they complain that there's too much sex. Go figure.