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05 September 2005 @ 03:55 pm
Teaser for myDec08. I stupidly agreed to go on vacation with my parents AND my crazy aunt AND my grandmother AND (fortunately) my dog, so am planning to get a memory card for my mp3 player and make a push to get myDec completed by the end of the week of the 19th. After that ... well, I've got TRC fic to write.

Comments are cool like woah D:

The vault was underground, reached by many flights of stairs and ramps. The air was chilly and damp, with a slimy feeling of earth and underground water. It was a horrible place to keep art; Satoshi had always supposed his revered ancestors had hoped the things stored there would molder quietly away before they caused problems by gaining souls -- or coming to the attention of the Niwa clan. Satoshi thought that the sight of the vault would drive Niwa's mother into hysterics. But then again, he had a strong impression that a tour of the Niwa home would send him to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer, so they were probably even.

But here, at least, Hikari work was (if not safe) unlikely to be admired and draw enough emotion to come to life. It hurt him a little anyway, to think that all this artwork had no better fate than to fall to dust and mold in this underground prison. At least the Niwa family took care of what they took. Hikari art was dangerous: Satoshi knew this beter than anybody. If it meant he had to lock it away so it couldn't hurt anybody, he would.

He hoped Niwa liked the pictures from the ancestor who'd liked kites. He was pretty sure that the Niwa collection had a painting he'd done of a group of children playing with kites. One of the models had been a Niwa daughter. That painting, from all Satoshi had heard of it, deserved to be in a lighted room where people could love it.

The length of the passages down to the vaults was made longer by the fact that the family had never dared bring electricity past the first basement. Less because of the explanations (he rather thought his grandmother had been capable of hiring it done and disposing of the workers) and more because of the sheer scope of the project. The vault was at least twenty-five feet below the lowest part of the tunnels that ran beneath the city. Probably deeper than that. After the first basement you felt your way down by lantern or candle light. Satoshi wasn't exactly used to it, but he went down once or twice a year to check on the seals, so it didn't bother him. Much.

Even so, following behind his father, both of them carrying lanterns, he felt cold and anxious. It would be horribly easy to trip and fall on the stairs, which had no railings. Even easier to push someone. He tried not to think about it, but he was glad to be behind Hiwatari.

The worst part, though, was that all the artwork in one spot gave Krad energy. He grew stronger with every step downward, feeding off the ambient power from the art.

"Have you been down here lately?" said his father. He was as calm as if they were walking down the street, which made Satoshi even more nervous.

"No, sir," said Satoshi. Krad's thoughts were seeping into his own, thoughts like 'push him down it would be an accident but it would be too good for him the horrible little upstart'.

"Are you frightened of it?" asked his father.

Satoshi set his teeth and ignored Krad's outraged hiss. "I came at New Year to check the art."
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i_found_jesu on September 6th, 2005 12:15 am (UTC)
Nice job describing the vault. ♥